As world markets tumble and economies continue to flag; 
As taxation laws keep changing with government change; 
Diversification into ‘under the radar’ tangible assets to secure wealth is becoming
more popular than ever. 

Why Diamonds? 

1. Portability.Diamonds are the most concentrated form of storing wealth. Diamonds can be self carried, bare no tax* at border crossings and are easily liquidated anywhere in the world.

Stability. Since 1934 prices have increased more than the rate of inflation thereby protecting the real value of capital. In recent year’s diamond prices increased during a benign inflationary period, thereby offering solid capital protection in addition to long-term capital growth.

3. Independence.Unlike commodities and other investments, diamonds are insulated from the daily fluctuations of the markets and are not as likely to reflect sharp price changes. Even at the worst economic times diamond prices are holding their value. No government stockpiles diamonds, thus has no control nor influence over the free market in which diamonds operate. 

4. Privacy. Diamonds offer you financial privacy not available elsewhere. Unlike other investments adiamond investor has full and direct ownership of a portable tangible asset of proven value.

5. No running costs. Diamonds require no ongoing management or upkeep.

6. Rarity.The international demand for collectible diamonds greatly exceeds the supply. 

​7. Simple purchase. Unlike other, more complicated forms of tangible investments, no contracts, no authority intervention nor registrations. 

* To be discussed in private .

WEISS Co. periodically organizes private events worldwide promoting Investment Diamonds, assisting in organizing private shows with potential investors, providing marketing and market analysis material, historical data as well as showcasing “Investment Diamonds” 

                      Diamonds  &  Diamond Jewelry 

We manage private portfolios from as low as US$50000 and have a tailor made approach to fit your individual investment needs, managing risk levels to return levels. ​If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us.